Bingo Cams Review

If you have never before enjoyed the fun of playing Bingo with multiple game screens, watching the other players in the game live on their web cams, then BingoCams might be a great way for you to play your Bingo game, sitting right in your home. Webcam Bingo, as the site is otherwise known, lets you hook up your cameras to the game environment. The game applet supports multiple languages so you can play in the language you are most comfortable with. And… Yes, they do Bingo with Ukash

This video Bingo game is a take on the multi-player games which let you chat with each other using microphones while playing. Only, in BingoCams you not only have a microphone, but also a video camera so you feel that you are playing right in a Bingo hall. You also have your personal profile on the game page, therefore making the entire experience extremely personal.

Webcam Bingo allows you to face the other players when you are playing a game. This can get quite interesting because Bingo is all about socializing with the fellow players. The first look at Bingocams makes it to be quite an innovative game interface. The game-play is made more interesting with the introduction of web cams into the Bingo scene.

BingoCams stands out amongst the many other Bingo parlors because of its innovative game-play. Currently, the website only accepts players from the UK but it is slowly expanding into other European countries. supports various European languages to facilitate game-play for players from the rest of the EU.

The innovation of having live streaming videos in your screen is not the only thing that is great about Bingo cam. This website also offers some great promotions to get you started. There are great sign up bonuses topped up with a first and second deposit bonus. BingoCams also runs a recurring promotion on the ‘Winning Moment’ feature. This means, that when the day is over, the person who gave the most dramatic or funny response to winning, gets the Winning Moment prize.

This website is a step up from Bingo with web cams. You can find a variety of other games here, ranging from slots to video poker. So the next time you play at www.BingoCams, you know that you won’t get bored because of the many games that you can choose from.