Virgin Bingo

Virgin Bingo has that familiar Virgin clout, which gives it the power to give you things other sites can’t come close to matching. For example, at there is not merely a bingo chat, there’s a ‘Celeb Chat’, not to mention a stellar VIP area. Although the VirginBingo brand is becoming synonymous with the highest quality bingo, it’s really designed for just about any player.

If you are new to playing no deposit bingo online, just go to Virgin’s Getting Started page (don’t worry because everything is clearly labelled, and the site is exceptionally navigable).

The seasoned bingo players will go straight into the registration process, probably opting for the total security of bingo with Ukash, snatch up the 100% sign up bonus and then quickly refer some friends. The reason Ukash bingo sites are increasing is that just about everyone knows the dangers of identity theft online. Although most people will trust Virgin without a second thought, it seems that digital terrorists can strike any target. Ukash is the only way to be completely safe.


Each referral yields an extra bonus of 1000 V-Points — and here again is where Virgin’s muscle pays off, because V-Points can be used to play bingo as well as buy Virgin products. The Virgin product lines is vast, so that is a benefit that no other bingo company will ever match. Only Virgin Bingo has this.

Virgin Bingo is running the very best gaming software on the market, rest assured. After you become a member you are granted access to the bingo Lobby. There you can gander at the wide array of bingo rooms and themed games. Take you time and look around.

New bingo rounds are starting all the time. Once you have chosen your best bet, you just buy some tickets and let Virgin do the rest. Everything is automatic, so your hands are free to jump in on the chat laughs, as well as follow the entertaining moderators, paying attention in order to grab the specials handed out through the chats.

When you want to play, instead of searching for VirginBingo or typing in each time you boot up your computer and open a browser, why not simply save a bookmark? It’s certainly safe to say you’ll be returning.

Finally, one nice thing about the site itself is its simplicity. Other online bingo companies tend to use overkill and the equivalent of bright lights and smoke to impress. Virgin Bingo is above all those shenanigans. Virgin knows that people detect solid quality and honest odds, and they feel the heightened performance of expensive gaming technology — Virgin does not skimp. The site sports the signature red, and displays tasteful graphics that you can control to view the latest daily and weekly specials.