Stay Fit, Look Fab, Have Fun on Benidorm Bingo

Benidorm Bingo is a relatively new player in the online bingo scene and they offer the players with so much to win. One of the bets facts about this site is that they accept Ukash Bingo deposits from players.  When you play bingo at ukash bingo sites, you can make sure that you don’t go over your online bingo budget.

Have you been thinking about owning a personal gym at home? It is indeed very important to stay fit. Well, here is an absolutely smashing chance from Benidorm Bingo. This Ukash Bingo site is hosting an International Fitness Week Promos for you to win grand exercise equipments, Fitness DVD’s and so much more.

The special bingo games are going to begin on March 19 and will continue until March 25. All you have to do is play Ukash bingo games at 9pm in Room 2 of benidorm

The full house winners for each day will win something special. The winner of the first game, which happens on March 19, can walk away with a brilliant Home exercise equipment bundle. You need nothing more to begin your fitness routines.

On March 20, you can grab a Zumba Kit from by winning the full house on these special bingo games. The prize for the full house winner on March 21 is going to be a stack of Fitness DVDs and accessories. If you are the full house winner for the special games on March 22, you will win a Cross trainer from the bingo site with Ukash.

Get a Nintendo Wii Kit by winning a full house on the special bingo games on March 23. For March 24, the full house prize is going to be an exercise bike and the winner on the last day will also win a Zumba Kit from Bingo Benidorm.

The tickets are available for sale now at Benidorm Bingo. Get your online bingo tickets today, so that you can be sure that you don’t miss a single night of the International Fitness Week Specials.