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Ever since the massive boost in popularity of online bingo games the number of ways we handle our cash on these sites has also seen an exponential amount of growth.

Now we can use interesting systems like pre-paid cards, e-wallets and even vouchers to transfer cash into these digital accounts. But, one payment system that remains to be the most popular and arguably the first one to ever be adopted by these online sites is Visa and MasterCard.

How to Make Visa & MasterCard Payments

It’s incredibly easy to set up your online account to pay for bingo with Visa or MasterCard transactions. Normally you’re prompted to enter your card details like the long number, experience date and security digits when you first sign up.

If you weren’t then you normally go through the banking side of the site and look for an option to add a payment method. Once you’ve done that you again normally have to enter your card or bank details.

It’s a process that normally takes a few minutes to finish, so in a short space of time you could be all set up to start making deposits.

The Pros & Cons of Card Payments

Of course when you’re making bingo deposits with Visa and MasterCard you will likely run into a few perks and problems, so here’s a brief cover of what you might encounter.


One of the best things about Visa and MasterCard is that they’re extremely to set up, plus they’re accepted at a wide range of websites. They also don’t charge you for withdrawals or deposits, whilst other payment systems can sometimes contain hidden charges.

You also don’t have a maximum cap on deposits, unlike systems like Ukash where you can only put in a maximum of £500 at a time.


In terms of problems the biggest one is that they’re not 100% secure. You have to store all of your card details and sensitive information on a site and if the site you’re using is hacked your card numbers could be compromised.

Another issue is that it can take a while for your cash to appear on your account after you make a withdrawal, whilst with systems like Ukash you can instantly deposit or withdraw money without having to wait around for hours.

Bingo Sites Compatible with Visa & MasterCard Payments

Since they’re the main source of payments for a lot of sites it would be pointless to list every site that uses them, so instead we’ve picked out a couple of the best ones.

Lucky Touch Bingo:

When you sign up with this site they will give you £10 free for creating an account, then when you make a deposit you will receive a 500%, 350% and 300% bonus on your first three top-ups.

Glossy Bingo:

A 250% bonus is what’s in store for you when you transfer cash into your account on this site. It’s a great way to get some extra mileage out the money you put in!

Cheers Bingo:

After you make a £10 first deposit on this bingo site you will be given £20 to play with in return that you can use on any game you like. Also, you can spin their wheel to win a guaranteed cash prize of between £5 and £2,500.

Visa and MasterCard payments will always be popular with players; they’re a great system that has a lot of perks and only a few flaws. So if you want to simplify your bingo experience try using one of these card providers to keep your account topped up with cash!

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