New Look Bingo Sites

It’s always good to refresh your look. Don’t you always feel better after you’ve switched up your style? Well, the same goes for bingo sites. Occasionally they need to freshen up their look. It’s always great when a site switches it up! New look bingo sites can often come with new promotions and a whole host of new goodies for players.

Top New Look Bingo Sites

Two sites which have recently had a makeover are Mecca Bingo and Wink Bingo.

Mecca Bingo

– This site is a huge name brand in the world of online bingo. To continue staying current, they often have to update their site. In addition to carrying out a visual revamp, Mecca will also update their offers. Over the years, Mecca has steadily grown their welcome offer. Their current promo stands at £50 of playing credit when players deposit £10.

Wink Bingo

– This site has made some changes very recently. The colourful visual display has remained the same, however, the brand have made some changes to their welcome offer. Previously, when players deposited £10 they would receive a welcome bonus and a chance to spin the wheel for a shot at claiming up to £1000 in bonus funds. Now, this wheel includes a host of new enticements including tangible prizes. Samsung mobile devices and a mini break worth £1000 are just some of the goodies up for grabs.

Why do bingo brands usually redesign their sites?

Bingo brands rely heavily on technology and this is ever changing. In order to remain cutting edge and keep up with demand for new innovations, sometimes bingo sites need to be relaunched. Although sites may be down for a short time whilst this takes place; it’s for the best. Redesigned bingo sites then pop up packed with all-new features providing a better experience for players. By keeping up to date with trends, bingo brands ensure player don’t migrate elsewhere.

The increase in mobile sites is a prime example. Many sites have had to adapt to the trend of mobile gaming. As a result, a mass amount of bingo site relaunches have occurred. These sites now fully support mobile devices allowing players to play their favourite games on the go. In order to make a site mobile compatible, it often requires a complete redesign and the acquisition of mobile friendly games. It can be a lengthy process, however, it is worth it to remain at the forefront of technology.

How does a new look bingo site benefits players?

Any site redesign is done with the aim of benefitting players. When a site upgrades its features, players can often gain access to new games. A wider variety of games across a number of different platforms is a common side effect of a bingo site redesign.

Updated promotions is another common aim of a site update. Those in charge of the brand may have decided to take the brand in a different direction. For example, providing more tangible prizes or free bingo rooms. Whatever the reason, an update in design often comes with an update in promotions. Sometimes a revamp can cause detrimental changes, for instance, the axing of a game you previously enjoyed. However, these downsides are few and far between. For the most part, a site relaunch is an extremely positive thing.

To summarise, due to the constant increase in technology players should expect a number of updates in the lifespan of a site. In order to continue providing the most up-to-date games and the best promotions, it is necessary for a site to redesign. New look bingo sites can come with excellent new features and bonus opportunities for players, which can only be a good thing!

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