Ukash vs. PaySafeCard for Bingo

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With a growing concern about online e-wallets becoming compromised by phishing emails and scammers a lot of online bingo players have started turning to alternate payment methods. Now options like Ukash and Paysafecard are starting to become the main choice for bingo or casino game players that are looking to manage their money offline.

Although these payment options are both great alternatives to using the online e-wallet options there’s a slight problem that persists in that it’s difficult to decide which one is the best to use.

What Makes Them Popular?

Both of these options are incredibly secure as they allow you to manage your money offline, unlike PayPal or Neteller where you need to transfer funds online. With Ukash and Paysafecard you can use the online option if you want, or just head to a store that sells vouchers or cards and exchange real cash for a voucher or card with a code on it.

Then there’s the fact that these options are incredibly simple to use as all you’re doing is swapping real cash for a card or voucher with a code on it that you then enter on your casino site of choice. You don’t need to remember any bank details or special passwords, just pop in the special code and you’re good to go.

They also cater to a majority of budgets, although the Paysafecard only accept deposits of £10, £25, £50, £75 and £100. Whilst with Ukash you can drop in any amount between £5 and £500.

These payment options are also widely accepted across a large number of casino and bingo sites, although Paysafecard can be used on a wider array of websites than Ukash.

Some of the sites you can use Ukash vouchers on range from Bet365, Mecca Bingo, Gala Bingo, William Hill Bingo and

Whilst Paysafecard can also be used on, Bet365 but they even work with 888ladies, All You Bet, bet-at-home, Bet24, plus many more.

What Else Can You Use Them For?

But it’s not just casino deposits, both of these options can be used to buy retail items as they’re steadily becoming accepted in stores. You could even use them to pre-purchase some gift cards, set bets on poker matches or pre-buy bingo tickets for games on gambling websites.

Are They Secure?

When it comes to keeping your cash safe both of these methods are fairly similar in terms of security as they use a system of a series of unique digits placed onto your cards or vouchers. Although Ukash is slightly more secure in this area as they use 19-digits whilst Paysafecard only use 16.

Although the only downside to this system is that the safety of your cash is completely reliant on you not losing your voucher or cards. If you do lose your vouchers or cards and aren’t quick about replacing them, that cash you had on them will be gone for good.

With all this considered, it’s safe to say that although they are similar, Ukash is definitely the way to go. Not only does Ukash have a wider deposit range than Paysafecard but you can store money in vouchers for longer without fear of losing it. Whilst with Paysafecard you’ll be charged £2 a month after you’ve had a card for 12months.

So the next time you’re looking for a casino site to sign up to, why not check and see if the site you’ve chosen accepts Ukash because it certainly comes with a lot of great benefits.

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Top 5 Ukash Scams and How to Avoid Them

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In the last few years everything we do has slowly started to move online, from keeping in contact with relatives to managing our bank accounts, buying online items and even depositing cash into cash accounts for a bit of fun in our spare time.

Of course this move to online control has meant that there’s now an increased risk in our sensitive information being leaked to scammers or hackers. With PayPal becoming their new favourite target a lot of bingo players have moved to Ukash as it seems to be more secure.

However, Ukash isn’t as safe as you might think; there are in fact quite a lot of Ukash scams to watch out for. So we’ve decided to list the top five ways in which scammers will try to get their hands on your details and how to avoid this.

1: Free Ukash Generators

First up is the almost stereotypical free Ukash generator option that’s quite prevalent on the web. These pieces of software advertise free Ukash codes that you can enter to essentially get free money, although it may seem glaringly obvious that these are scams some people still fall for them.

There’s one thing to always remember and that’s you’ll never get something for nothing, although in this case all you’ll be getting is a hard drive full of viruses, your sensitive information gone or worse a bricked CPU. So if you see something along the lines of “Download this and get free codes” just stay well away.

2: Cold Callers or Phishing Emails

Everyone’s familiar with cold calls, we all hate those harassing calls by double glazing, PPI, insulation or insurance companies.

Ukash is no different, you’ll quite often get either a call or an email from what may seem to be a legitimate company or in this case Ukash or casino provider telling you that there’s a problem in your account and that you have to fill in a form or head to a link to reset your account details.

These are actually forms of phishing; they serve no purpose other than to get a hold of your sensitive information.

A trick to keeping your cash and personal details safe is to either ignore these emails or check the wording of them very carefully. Ukash or other sites will never give a generic ‘sir or madam’ greeting and they’ll never use aggressive language like ‘urgent’ or ‘immediately’. Also check the URL of the email; if it’s from a provider you don’t recognise it’s probably a scam.

3: Website Scams

This one comes in the form of sites that say they’re connected to Ukash and will request you to put in your details so you can start making Ukash payments with them.

The best way to combat these is to head over to the Ukash website and check their list of genuine Ukash bingo partners to find out which sites actually use Ukash. see Security Tips here.

4: Ukash Ransom Virus

This horrible little item normally takes the form of a piece of downloadable software in an email that you’re asked to install or a link to a website that contains malware. This Ukash virus will then take your details and hold them to ransom; from there the scammers will then demand money to unlock your PC, which of course it never will.

To keep yourself safe never download any software included in an e-mail no matter how legitimate it seems.

5: Exchange Sites

Another widely used scam is Ukash exchange websites, just like the website scam we covered above, these sites promise to exchange any of your leftover Ukash money for things like Bitcoins or other forms of digital currency.

These are of course scams and will not only leave you out of pocket but your personal details will also be compromised.

To avoid this you just have to stay away from these sites, it’s as easy as that.

If you keep an eye out for these scams we’ve covered and just exercise a modicum of caution around any suspicious sites or emails you receive and you shouldn’t have any problems from scammers and your Ukash information will remain secure.

Sing Bingo

With the online bingo getting hugely popular among the online casino players, the competition among the online bingo sites are on the rise. Every day hundreds of new online bingo sites are emerging out of nowhere. But most of these sites are low in quality and fail to attract substantial visitors and regular players. Many sites don’t allow payment via ukash or paypal.

2010 alone has seen the launching of more than a 100 online bingo sites but if we start counting the number of successful and quality bingo sites, the list becomes very short and sing bongo is surely one of the bingo site which will proudly take it’s firm position in that list.
Sing bingo is a great online bingo site from the same people who gave us great bingo sites like Costa bingo. The site is great when you judge it by the software which is used to run the bingo games. The visitors will always find it very easy and convenient to browse through the site as it is very user friendly. This is one of the best ukash bingo sites in the UK bingo online market.

The registration process is very simple and uncanny. All you need to do is to fill up the registration page with few of the very basic details and your registration is done. There is no credit card information involved at any stage of the registration which is very reassuring for many visitors and players, and if you do decide to try win some cash, you can make your deposits with ukash. When it comes to bonus schemes, sing bingo has bonuses which are too good to believe and if you are new to playing online bingo, you might think it is a scam and leave the site. But the bonus schemes are as real and adventurous as it gets. With the first deposit of maximum 20 pounds, you get a bonus of staggering 350%. I know it is too good to be true but that is what the sites need to attract more players these days. So if you deposit 20 pounds, you will be able to play for 90 pounds. Now that is what I call a great bonus. It does not end here. Sing bingo has been smart enough to understand that, attracting more customers will not be good enough. They need to retain the players and motivate them to play regularly. So, they give out a bonus of 50% for every single deposit made by the registered players.

When it comes to bingo games, players want variation. They want all kinds of bingo games and sing bingo is a bingo site where you will get a wide variety of bingo games. You can play free bingo no deposit required with a guaranteed prize of up to 50 pounds. You can also participate in 90 balls and 75 balls. Considering the level of service, bonuses and quality and variation of the games, you could say that, paying a visit to sing bingo and playing there is worth a try.

Silk Bingo

Silk bingo is a ukash bingo site. It started its campaign on October 2009. As the name suggests, it is one
of the smoothest bingo sites on the net. It has become a hard contender in this bingo
gaming race with a bunch of attractive features and easy operating facilities.

The famous Dragonfish bingo software was used to develop the site. You will
achieve 20 free bingo cards; £100 cash match bingo bonus and an extra 50% on each
deposition with free bingo games as well. Payment can be processed via Ukash, Paypal, or any major credit card.

Silk bingo has several attractive features. You can playHappy Hour double LPs
every Monday from 4pm to 6pm. Coverall games with a prize amount of £1M is
arranged thrice a week. Free LPs are available with every bingo card. Besides
£100 and £500 jackpot bingo are played daily and in every Tuesday successively.
It contains all usual forms of bingo including 90-Ball or 70- Ball online bingo
games, casino games and online scratch cards. You can choose your room from a
bundle of rooms. A well organized lobby will guide you forward with all
information such as available players in the room, game type and the prize
features. You can win a heavy amount of £1M bingo jackpot thrice a weak with the
coverall bingo jackpot game. Playing ukash bingo makes online cash handling so easy.

You can customize the lobby very easily if you want to. The daub color can
easily be changed  or  you can pick the default one. It will not hamper the game
at all.
According to the loyalty program of silk bingo the currency is LP or LPs. Your
LP will get healthier every time buy a bingo card or participate in a bingo
game. If a friend of yours gets registered to silk bingo on your referral you
get 5000 LP as a bonus. Chat games can win you a lot. You can cash your LPs any
time and spend them for other games.

You have to spend only 10p to participate in the daily  £100 Jackpot games. You
can play the Happy hour games every Monday to double your LPs within a flash.
There are the monthly team bingo tournaments where you can win up to 1 Million
LPs and of course the most striking of allthe great coverall jackpot on every
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights with a prize money of £1 Million.
A gracious and responsive customer care service with the friendly chat hosts
will make your journey in silk bingo as smooth as silk. Multiple deposit and
withdrawal system makes your transaction flexible.

Compare Bingo Sites

As we all know from experience how important it is to compare bingo sites, this helps us to find one, or even several online bingo sites that will suit us the best. I prefer to focus on the promotions that different bingo sites are offering, compare bingo games, and look for the best and most interesting ones with great prizes, not to mention the progressive jackpots with guaranteed wins, they always get my heart beating with anticipation of oodles of boodle, (I just can’t help myself) and not to mention comparing the almost always fun filled CH games; isn’t it exciting taking a dip into bingo games to test the temperature, and to compare online bingo sites?
The how to …
There are a few tips on what to look out for while comparing bingo sites, the ‘how to’ compare UK bingo sites is as follows: I like to look first of all at the bonuses and see what the site is offering and to compare bingo bonuses with other online bingo sites. The ones that really tickle my fancy are the sites that give away a free no deposit bonus, giving one a chance to take a nice dip into the site to see if you like it, sometimes this can go a long way and if you are lucky you can come out a double winner! It definitely pays to compare free bingo sites. The next thing is I like is to compare banking methods that are offered, especially focusing on the ones that are risk free, this is always an indicator that the online bingo site that you are comparing has taken into consideration the customer and has gone an extra mile to provide safe banking to deposit and cashout (winnings). Many online bingo sites offer quite extensive support, making it very easy for us to get quick results to any problems that we may have by providing live help for those questions that were not answered in the ‘frequently asked questions’ list  so compare the support set up to be assured of the best.
Top UK Bingo sites
After having compared many online bingo sites the following are the ones that fitted the criteria to being great examples of fun filled, hassle free online bingo, with the greatest and best promos, bonuses, banking methods and support systems, last but not least the greatest CH Games:
Gossip bingo – Gives away a free no deposit bonus of a fiver, a free welcome bonus of £25 upon your first deposit of a tenner should you be impressed with the gossip that goes on in gossipbingo, never mind the games!
Tasty bingo – Take your pick of the tasty morsels on offer, deposit £10 – £100 and get a 200% match bonus.
Polo bingo – Has come up with a £1000 free bonus package, the more you deposit the more you will get for free gives one a nice opportunity to play loads of the games and have a chance to win an amazing prizes.
Redbus bingo – hop on the bus deposit £10 and get £25  to play, join the fun on three free daily bingo games with super guaranteed jackpots of one grand. This is one of the 2010 new ukash bingo .

Teatime bingo – A super site for sore eyes, teatime gives away £15 a great welcome no deposit bonus.
Winkbingo – Take a spin for free once you deposit a tenner, you could be the winner of a guaranteed £15 to £1,000

Chit Chat Bingo

Online bingo sites are becoming more and more popular every day. Online bingo is a great way of having fun and playing exciting games online. At the same time, online bingo can be a great source of earning some easy and risk free cash while having loads of fun.

Among the many online ukash bingo sites, chit chat is one of the sites worth mentioning. When you visit the site, the first thing that you will notice is the striking similarity of the site with the Castle bingo. Do not get puzzled.  Like some other big online casino networks, chit chat bingo is the part of St Minver network. All the sites of these networks are similar looking with distinctive features.

The chitchat bingo uses excellent and easy to use software known as Parlay for the bingo games. And the bingo online site has quality graphics which will make the bingo experience more pleasant.
When it comes to online bingo sites, the sign up bonus has a great deal of importance. With a highly competitive market, it is a must for the bingo sites to offer good sign up bonuses for the new players.

For chit chat bingo site, there is a huge signing up amount. But before that, the moment you visit the site, you have a 1 pound worth credit to get you started with the bingo games. And once you sign up, you get a 20 pound worth signing credit. This money is added to your account even before you deposit any money. This does not end here. To keep the players interested in playing bingo in this site and deposit more money, the site has a 100% recurring bonus system. This means, for any amount of deposit, you will get a 100% bonus. Thought there are some terms and conditions for being eligible for this bonus money, this is definitely worth trying. If you are in the site, do not forget to check the promotions page. From time to time, they offer different gifts for the newly signed up players.
The site is as I said before, very user friendly like any other St Minver or Parlay sites. The software is very simple and intuitive. The important sections of the site like FAQ and terms and conditions are easy to find. Once you have signed up and deposited money in your account, you can join the bingo rooms straight away.

When it comes to interaction and community spirit of the players playing in the site, the name says it all. You will find almost all the players available to chat with anyone and all of them are busy chatting with one another.