Ukash Bingo Sites

ATTENTION: For those of you who haven’t already heard – Paysafecard acquired Ukash earlier this year. All Ukash vouchers are now invalid. Thankfully, Paysafecard is a very similar payment method so you shouldn’t be affected too much by the transition.

As with Ukash, you don’t need to enter in any bank card details online. A major plus to this alternative payment method is its mobile app which can be accessed 24/7 and is available in different languages making it all encompassing. If you are already a Ukash user, you will be happy to know that Paysafecard will be able to give you a free £5 trial with a unique PIN number. This 16 digit PIN is what you would enter in on your favourite bingo sites as opposed to inputting sensitive data. Winning numerous awards and accolades for innovation you can be rest assured you are in safe hands with a Paysafecard product.

Also, be rest assured that we will still be keeping you up to date with bingo sites that accept Paysafecard and other e-wallets – we wouldn’t want you missing out.

Ukash bingo sites are growing every more popular in the UK. If once you were hard pressed to find an online bingo site that accepts Ukash vouchers, now it’s getting easier by the day.

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Many of the top UK online bingo sites have realized that allowing players to make deposit with Ukash vouchers is good business. This includes some of the best known brand names in UK bingo: 888 ladies bingo, Wink Bingo, Sun Bingo as well as many of the new bingo sites that are launched regularly, such Bingo HollywoodTea Time BingoLucky Touch Bingo and others.

1. Why Play Bingo with Ukash?


Bingo sites that accept Paysafecard have a big advantage over other sites that don’t: the increased security and safety of paying for online bingo with e-wallets. This is especially true for new bingo sites – say you found a brand new bingo site – you want to give it a try and play some of their free games, you sign up and then you are requested to give your credit card information. Noooooo!

So you click off and go back to the same old bingo site you’ve been playing in forever.

People tend to be hesitant about giving out their credit card and financial information over the Internet and for good reason. It’s not a day goes by without news of another online scam to steal peoples financial information, even identities, is made public.

Internet experts and novices all agree that it’s best to keep your personal info secure and give it only to sites you know well and feel you can trust. Until then, looking for new sites offering bingo, Paysafecard accepted, is a great secure alternative.


Another reason you might choose to play bingo pay with Paysafecard is that it offers you extra privacy. If you would rather your bank, or people with access to your bank statements, didn’t know exactly what you are spending money on then these vouchers offer precisely this – the only thing they will see on your statement is the time and date of your Paysafecard voucher purchase.

2. New Ukash Bingo Sites

New bingo sites may be completely reliable and safe, but you will never know that until they become better known. That’s where bingo sites accepting Paysafecard come in. Voucher payment methods are one of the safest ways to make purchases on the Internet. When you make a deposit in a bingo Paysafecard site, you will only be giving them the numbers of your U cash voucher, not any personal financial information or credit card numbers.

This means that you are 100% safe, nobody can rip you off or steal your money, since all they have is the voucher code. Much like paying in cash.

3. Comparing Ukash Bingo Alternatives

There are other secure online payment systems- the most well-known is PayPal. Today in the UK it’s not hard to come by good directories and portals about bingo sites that take paysafecard and also accept PayPal deposits too. But in terms of privacy and security paysafecard tops them all. This is why UK bingo lovers can find so many bingo sites that accept them.


Paysafecard bingo is not only safe, it is very easy to use – you just go to a shop that sells Ukash or other e-wallet vouchers (e.g. by looking for a PayPoint sign), buy vouchers, and then use them to fund your bingo account.

Paysafecard terminals can be found almost anywhere in the UK, including in petrol stations, convenience shops, newsstands, and much more. Paysafecard vouchers are basically just 19 digit codes that are printed on the cards.

When you sign up to play bingo and want to fund your account, you just input this Paysafecard code in the bingo sites cashier. Control your spending too! Another great thing about new Paysafecard bingo is that you can be sure you will not get lulled into spending more than what you had intended. Once your vouchers are done, you will need to go out, find another Paysafecard terminal, buy more vouchers, and get back to your computer to continue playing.

This is a sound system to prevent binge spending on bingo or other addicting online games, and that’s as big a bonus as any.