1p Bingo Games

When you play bingo a lot, you begin to appreciate the games with lower ticket prices. Just one step up from free bingo, you have penny bingo in which an individual ticket costs just 1p. There are many reasons that bingo players like these games, let’s find out more.

Top Penny Bingo Game Sites

Bargain hunters rejoice, the following penny bingo sites will give you cut price bingo games:

Wink Bingo – Use our introductory bonus code WINKBINGO60 to claim a 500% bonus, that’s a lot of penny games!

Mecca Bingo – This huge bingo site has penny games around the clock and you can easily make the most of them with their welcome offer. Deposit £10 and you’ll get £50 to play with.

Take a look at the terms and conditions of these offers on their respective sites before you play.

What are Penny Bingo Games?

Penny bingo is a self-explanatory term, as it just refers to any game in which you can purchase tickets for 1p each. Some sites also class 2p games as penny bingo, but this isn’t technically true and is a little misleading for players.

There are lots of benefits that come from playing 1p bingo but mostly it’s all about good value for money. It’s the cheapest funded room you can play in and you may even stumble across a BOGOF offer for even better value. Funded rooms usually contain better perks than freebie ones, including real cash jackpots and chat games.

How are they Different from Free or No Deposit Bingo Games?

The big difference between free and penny games is, of course, the price! But alongside this the jackpot may also be different, as it might be real cash instead of a bonus – which most free games are. You can also choose how many tickets you would like as free games tend to give all players the same amount and chances to win.

A penny bingo game can still be a no deposit game, if you purchase tickets with a no deposit bonus. They are different to a no deposit room, such as a newbie room, as the jackpot might be in cash and you can play in them regardless if you’re new or not.

Can You Win Real Money And Are There Big Pots?

Penny bingo is still a funded game, so if you pay for your tickets in cash then you should expect real cash back. Some sites may specify that the resulting win comes in the form of a bonus but they will have to state that in the room.

This can be rewarding for players, as you could trade 1p for £5 in bonus funds. Even though it’s not a real cash jackpot – you’re still improving the amount in your balance.

The size of pots in penny bingo games can vary greatly, from a few pounds or loyalty points to much, much more. Jackpot penny bingo games are a sure fire way to sell out bingo tickets, so these can come along from time to time. Smaller pots are more common but if you keep your eyes peeled you might be able to come across larger ones.

Another benefit of playing with pennies is that you can max out your bingo tickets without spending too much. Usually the maximum number of tickets that you can purchase is 96, so with penny bingo you can buy as many as possible without spending more than £1.

Try out a bingo site with penny games and find out how much fun you could have with a frugal ticket. You might even strike it lucky and end up with much more to play with!

Mecca BingoDeposit £10 & play penny bingo games w/ £50 in your account @ Mecca Bingo!

New Look Bingo Sites

It’s always good to refresh your look. Don’t you always feel better after you’ve switched up your style? Well, the same goes for bingo sites. Occasionally they need to freshen up their look. It’s always great when a site switches it up! New look bingo sites can often come with new promotions and a whole host of new goodies for players.

Top New Look Bingo Sites

Two sites which have recently had a makeover are Mecca Bingo and Wink Bingo.

Mecca Bingo

– This site is a huge name brand in the world of online bingo. To continue staying current, they often have to update their site. In addition to carrying out a visual revamp, Mecca will also update their offers. Over the years, Mecca has steadily grown their welcome offer. Their current promo stands at £50 of playing credit when players deposit £10.

Wink Bingo

– This site has made some changes very recently. The colourful visual display has remained the same, however, the brand have made some changes to their welcome offer. Previously, when players deposited £10 they would receive a welcome bonus and a chance to spin the wheel for a shot at claiming up to £1000 in bonus funds. Now, this wheel includes a host of new enticements including tangible prizes. Samsung mobile devices and a mini break worth £1000 are just some of the goodies up for grabs.

Why do bingo brands usually redesign their sites?

Bingo brands rely heavily on technology and this is ever changing. In order to remain cutting edge and keep up with demand for new innovations, sometimes bingo sites need to be relaunched. Although sites may be down for a short time whilst this takes place; it’s for the best. Redesigned bingo sites then pop up packed with all-new features providing a better experience for players. By keeping up to date with trends, bingo brands ensure player don’t migrate elsewhere.

The increase in mobile sites is a prime example. Many sites have had to adapt to the trend of mobile gaming. As a result, a mass amount of bingo site relaunches have occurred. These sites now fully support mobile devices allowing players to play their favourite games on the go. In order to make a site mobile compatible, it often requires a complete redesign and the acquisition of mobile friendly games. It can be a lengthy process, however, it is worth it to remain at the forefront of technology.

How does a new look bingo site benefits players?

Any site redesign is done with the aim of benefitting players. When a site upgrades its features, players can often gain access to new games. A wider variety of games across a number of different platforms is a common side effect of a bingo site redesign.

Updated promotions is another common aim of a site update. Those in charge of the brand may have decided to take the brand in a different direction. For example, providing more tangible prizes or free bingo rooms. Whatever the reason, an update in design often comes with an update in promotions. Sometimes a revamp can cause detrimental changes, for instance, the axing of a game you previously enjoyed. However, these downsides are few and far between. For the most part, a site relaunch is an extremely positive thing.

To summarise, due to the constant increase in technology players should expect a number of updates in the lifespan of a site. In order to continue providing the most up-to-date games and the best promotions, it is necessary for a site to redesign. New look bingo sites can come with excellent new features and bonus opportunities for players, which can only be a good thing!

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Bingo Sites with Slots

Top Dog SlotsWelcome Bonus of up to 500 free spins!

Bingo is an incredibly fun game to play but occasionally it’s nice to have a change of pace and try out new games. Because of this, many bingo sites also boast a range of slot games that players can use for this exact reason. Slot games are quickly becoming popular with the bingo community as they offer players the chance to keep winning without sticking to the same games.

Best Bingo Sites with Slots

There are lots of bingo sites catering to this need for more slot games but these are the best bingo sites with slots out there.

Wink Bingo – We all know that this site boasts an impressive bingo lobby but they also have a great instant games library too. Their 250% bingo bonus will be added on to a deposit of £10 and at least £15 that players will win on their prize wheel.

Sun Bingo – This site has a lovely 300% welcome bonus just waiting for new players, and that’s plenty of bonus cash to use on slot games. They feature a lot of top slots like Cleopatra and Fortune Temple in their games section.

888 Ladies – This site caters to ladies and gentlemen with their exciting range of slot games. Players can use the code LADIES60 to deposit £10 and play with a whopping £60 in funds.

Why Play Slots on a Bingo Site?

Lots of bingo sites with slots are more popular with players than casino sites as they offer both bingo and slots. This allows them to dip into the bingo lobby and then into the games without having to set up multiple accounts. The central wallet system of a bingo site means it’s easy to play both without changing sites or funds to different accounts.

As much as players enjoy bingo it can be good to try out new ways to win and bingo sites let players do this with the same security that they’re accustomed to. They can play with a brand they trust and try out these games at the same time, which is a huge plus for players.

What is/how do you Play Slots?

Slot games are exceptionally simple once players get to grips with them and these games boast lots of special features to make them more exciting. To begin playing on a slot game all a player has to do is to change their bet and click the spin button. This is usually done by using plus and minus symbols at the bottom of the screen.

When the slot spins players want to keep their fingers crossed for three or more of one symbol. This will give a multiplier back to them and can lead to the jackpot. There are also special symbols that can make this process simpler and the jackpots even larger.

Some games also feature bonus rounds and free spins, which offer players the opportunity to win without paying for the game. All of these aspects can be checked in the pay table of the game, which works like a manual for the slot.

Playing on Paid Slots vs Playing for Bonuses

New bingo sites with slots can offer players the chance to spin by paying in but there are a lot of free slots sites on the internet too. These sites let players try out the game and may even give back bonus funds but it’s not quite as enticing as playing for real. Sites with paid slot games offer larger rewards and choice in games, so players looking for these should stick to the bingo sites above. The sites that do offer paid slot games might also bring players a free play mode, which can be used to test the game out before paying for their spins.

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Guaranteed Jackpot Bingo

Top Dog SlotsWelcome Bonus of up to 500 free spins!

Guaranteed jackpot bingo is popular with many players as someone will win the grand prize, which isn’t always the case with bingo. This extra guarantee pulls plenty of players into a jackpot bingo room as they go head to head to get their hands on it.

What is a Guaranteed Jackpot?

A guaranteed jackpot is one that will be won by at least one player and not retained by the site in the event of no one winning. This can be achieved by adding on bingo calls until it is won, as this is a certainty eventually. These games are often found in the bingo lobby in a separate area of jackpot games, where you can select between the types and amounts of jackpots.

How does it Compare to a Progressive or Sliding Jackpot?

A progressive jackpot changes depending on the amount of tickets that are sold. The more players take part the higher the jackpot goes, but there’s no guarantee that anyone will win it. If it’s a progressive jackpot room then this will roll over into the next game but this could happen indefinitely. As more players continue to buy their tickets the jackpot changes and this brings even more players into the game.

A sliding jackpot game will feature set tiers that the bingo must happen within. These are usually dictated by the number of calls that it takes and with each level the jackpot will go down. These are favoured by players looking for more excitement and in many cases even the minimum jackpot will be something worth winning. These terms are advertised beforehand on the site and these will be made clear to players before the game begins. When the game is underway the caller will usually indicate when the jackpot slides down to the next level.

Are there Ts and Cs to be aware of?

Some guaranteed jackpot games are only for funded players, as they want a player that has contributed to the pot to win. The tickets may also not be available to buy with bonus funds, or in the event of a win on bonus funds the prize may be given back as a bingo bonus. This would then be subject to wagering requirements that would prevent the player from withdrawing this money.

It’s also possible that the prize would be split between a number of players in the event of more than one player winning a Full House. These terms will all be noted in the promotional terms and conditions, which will change from site to site.

Best guaranteed jackpot sites

The below guaranteed jackpot bingo sites will all give you a chance to try out this kind of game, and treat you to a bingo bonus to buy your tickets with.

Wink Bingo – On this site you’ll find a colourful bingo lobby with fantastic jackpots just waiting to be claimed. They’ll give you at least £50 to play with when you deposit £10 and this sum can climb even higher if you’re lucky on their prize wheel. This can treat you to up to £1K in bonus funds if you’re lucky.

888 ladies – This lovely pink site isn’t only for the ladies, as their deals are brilliant regardless of gender. They’ll give you £60 to play with from a deposit of £10 when you use the special promo code ‘Ladies60’.

Big Tease Bingo500% Welcome Bonus + 25 Free Spins!

Pre Buy Bingo Games

Big Tease Bingo500% Welcome Bonus + 25 Free Spins!

Bingo sites are putting together more new jackpot games all the time and sometimes these come with a limited amount of tickets. This is where pre buying tickets comes in as it will let you get your tickets locked down before they sell out, so you can relax and just wait for game day.

What are pre buy bingo games?

Pre buy bingo games are usually special events that are likely to sell out, such as jackpot or no lose games. To make it fairer for players who would like to join in the network will operate on a first come first served basis that allows those who buy in advance to get first pick.

You can also get your tickets early for some regular bingo rooms if you want to pay now and play later. This way you’ll already have your ducks in a row when the game starts.

What are the benefits of pre buy bingo games?

Have you ever logged on to your favourite bingo site and saw a game that you would like to take part in, only to find that you can’t buy tickets? This means that the game has been so popular that they’ve ran out of tickets to offer.

If this scenario seems all too familiar then you should start to pre buy bingo cards in advance as soon as you hear about a new game. Keeping up to date with various promotions will allow you to start snapping up tickets before anyone else.

It also lets you get lots of tickets, if you like to hedge your bets, as there will be more available. You can get the max amount if you buy early on whereas they may be limited the closer you get to the game.

How do you purchase pre buy tickets?

When you look in the bingo lobby you’ll often see the option to pre buy tickets for later in the day, just in case it gets busy.

For events further in the future you can also visit the promotional page and buy your tickets from there. This will act as a one stop shop where you can learn about the promotions and buy as many tickets as you want in one go.

Top sites for pre buy bingo games:

Sites have started offering the option to pre buy more frequently as it proves popular with players, but for the very best pre buy bingo sites just check out our list.

  1. Bingo Hollywood – playing with Bingo Hollywood guarantees that you’re always getting a good deal. They always have so many jackpot games to look forward to, so you’ll be glad that you can get your tickets in early on this site. They’ll give you an extra 300% on your first bonus too, so you can pre buy your tickets without spending your own money.
  2. Wink Bingo – we’re big fans of this site and their top games so we enjoy buying our tickets early to make sure that we can take part in the fun. They pay out an extra 250% on the first deposit that players make and also let them take a spin on their brilliant, balance boosting wheel. This mini game will add anywhere from £15 to £1000 in bonus funds so you could be playing for free for a long time here.
  3. Tasty Bingo – potential players looking for a new site can get their fix here on Tasty Bingo. They’re fab at giving you extra funds on top of your deposit to the tune of an extra £30 to spend on the site when you deposit £10. This will definitely be helpful when you’re having a go in all of their different bingo rooms and exciting slot games.

Best Non-Cassava Bingo Sites

mfortune bingo slotsPlay mFortune Bingo and Keep what you WIN!

If you’re looking for a new bingo site to play, but you’d like to get out of the bingo monopoly that is the Cassava Empire, then today if you’re lucky day.

We’ve gone out of our way to draw up a list of some of our favourite bingo sites which are not connected to Cassava:

Lucky Touch

– You’ll feel like you’ve got the lucky touch when you play on this fab bingo site. It’s a Wheel of Slots site, meaning you get to spin the wheel for the chance to win 500 free spins on excellent games.

Glossy Bingo

– Glossy is a very glamorous site, with an exciting a vivacious deep red colour scheme. The site itself is themed around glossy gossip mags, with 300% and 100 free spins on your first deposit ready to claim.

Bingo Diamond

– This is a diamond in the rough, play here to help yourself to 300% and 100 free spins! There’s a huge suite of Microgaming options for all roomies to take part in playing here.

mFortune Bingo

– One of the biggest draws for players to this mobile bingo site are the lack of wagering requirements. This gives it a massive advantage over your average Cassava site.

PocketWin Bingo

– If you love no deposit bingo and big jackpots then we can heartily suggest you have a few games here. They have all the mobile bingo you could ask for with games around the clock.

Moobile Games

– This site has a pretty rustic theme but its modern £5 no deposit bonus with no wagering requirements is right up to date!

Top Dog Slots

– Who let the dogs out? Claim 100% and 20 free spins from your first deposit on this Jumpman Gaming site, it’s great value for money.

As with any offer that we suggest here, take a look at the T&Cs on site prior to claiming.

Who is Cassava?

Some of you may be asking – who is Cassava, and why wouldn’t you want to play on their bingo sites? Cassava is one of the biggest software providers in the online bingo industry.

Sites included under the empire comprise of such big names as 888, Iceland Bingo and Treasure Bingo, all of which have gathered something of a following over the past few years.

Esteemed Bingo Site Operators…

Nowadays, there are very few sites which don’t use their software, usually accompanied by Dragonfish, which is also managed by Cassava Enterprises. Their sites also often use Bridgend payment software.

Having so many sites run by the same people can be great, if you like those sites. But if you don’t enjoy the games or rooms they have to offer, then you might want to look up some bingo sites not run by Cassava.

Why Not Cassava?

Now that we’ve covered who these guys are, why would you not want to play with them? Well, polling players tells us these are the most common reasons they have for seeking out non-Cassava bingo sites:

    • Their sites are all too similar
    • There’s not enough promotional variety
    • They’re only associated with Dragonfish software
    • Their linked games mean you have less chances to win
    • New sites launch but without anything special

These kind of give Cassava a reputation of producing the same old site just with a different theme. Players understand that not every site can be unique or offer 1000 different bonuses, but they should have something beyond the visual that makes them worthwhile.

Bonus Policy

Now this is something that a lot of players have fallen foul of with Cassava and it’s important to mention it. If you continuously sign up to many of their sites to claim a bonus then you can be banned without notice.

This is serious stuff as you might not even notice you’re creating essentially duplicate accounts with them but if they catch on, you could lose all of your accounts on different sites run by them.

This probably won’t happen to the majority of all players, but if you play on their sites it could happen to you.

There are other options out there, you don’t need to just stick to the usual Cassava sites. The ones we’ve suggested might just convince you that they’re even better.